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  • Long Handled Buff Sponge Adjustable Handle
  • Long Handled Toe Cleaner Adjustable Handle
  • Long Handled Sponge Adjustable Handle

The Helping Hand Company
Long Handled Washing Sponge

Product Code: 11102W

These long handled sponge washing aids are ideal for those hard to reach areas. We want you to be able to enjoy having a good wash and this range gives you three options to choose from. Shoulders, back, legs or feet - they all come with the groovy Comfy Grip® handle. Whether your hands are wet or dry, you will be able to get a secure hold. Using warm water or low heat of a hair dryer, you can even bend the adjustable handle to the shape that suits you.

Sponge - gives a gentle soft washing surface.
Buff - gives a rough sponge ideal for ex-foliating.
Toe - gives a specially shaped sponge to clean in-between toes and hard to reach places.

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  • So simple its brilliant. Sponge all over gently and effectively without absorbing too much water.
  • Exfoliating model helps improve circulation with added scrubbing action.
  • You don’t have to be able to touch your toes to wash them! Cleverly extend your reach without bending or stretching.

Long Handled Buff
Long Handled Toe 

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