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Mikra scooter

Shoprider Mikra Mobility Scooter

from £760.00

Shoprider Mikra mobility scooter, lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, up to 4 mph and 8 miles in distance, collapsible.

Sovereign Mobility Scooter - Red

Shoprider Sovereign 4 Mobility Scooter

from £960.00

Shoprider Sovereign 4 mobility scooter, comfortable, durable, up to 4mph and 20 mile range.

Roma Shoprider Cadiz Mobility Scooter

Shoprider Cadiz Mobility Scooter

from £1,870.00

The Roma Shoprider Cadiz Mobility Scooter is the real Rolls Royce of the mobility scooter world!

Pouch for Folding Walking Stick

Folding Walking Stick Pouch

from £3.00

Folding Walking Stick Pouch

Swivel Cushion

Swivel Seat Cushion

from £23.66

The Swivel Seat Cushion is a soft, padded, flexible turning disc ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds. The Soft Transfer Seat allows a smo

Blue Badge Wallet

Blue Badge and Timer Wallet

from £4.80

Leather Disabled Parking Blue Badge and Clock Holder

Bow Radar Key

Bow Radar Key

from £3.95

Pre cut Radar Key for use with RADAR (The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation) disabled toilet locks. Large Easy Turn head.

Radar Key Standard

Radar Key Standard

from £3.95

Pre cut Radar Key Standard size with large easy turn head.

The Handybar Car Door Support Handle

Handybar Car Door Support Handle

from £27.49

The Handybar Car Door Support Handle allows you to get in and out of your vehicle easily and comfortably.


Splash Scooter Bag

from £22.08

This strong durable bag is ideal for most scooters with or without a headrest.

The mobility scooter has been one of the greatest developments in mobility equipment in recent years. It has quite simply revolutionised life for many people, who as result have regained their independence.

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a mobility scooter - not just the colour! This guide will hopefully equip you with the knowledge to help you make an informed choice of the scooter which is most likely to to match your needs and circumstances.

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