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Blue Badge Wallet

Blue Badge and Timer Wallet

from £4.80

Leather Disabled Parking Blue Badge and Clock Holder

Bow Radar Key

Bow Radar Key

from £3.95

Pre cut Radar Key for use with RADAR (The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation) disabled toilet locks. Large Easy Turn head.

Radar Key Standard

Radar Key Standard

from £3.95

Pre cut Radar Key Standard size with large easy turn head.

Folding Adjustable Ergonomic Stick Black

Folding Adjustable Ergonomic Stick Black

from £13.00

Black left or right hand folding stick with aluminium shaft

Hand Bag Size Mini Folding Stick

Folding Adjustable Mini Stick

from £14.50

Hand Bag Size Mini Folding Stick with Crutch Handle

Traditional Adjustable Folding Stick Black

Folding Adjustable Traditional Stick Black

from £12.50

Traditional Adjustable Folding Stick Crutch Handle in Black

Mikra scooter

Shoprider Mikra Mobility Scooter

from £760.00

Shoprider Mikra mobility scooter, lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, up to 4 mph and 8 miles in distance, collapsible.

Karma Ergolite Transit Wheelchair

Wheelchair Ergo Lite 18" Transit

from £370.00

Karma have produced their lightest wheelchair yet without compromising strength and durability.

Wheelchair Ergo 115 Self Propelled

Wheelchair Karma Ergo 115 Self-Propelled

from £420.00

Ergo 115 18” self propelled, extremely comfortable and lightweight

Wheelchair Roma Self-Propelled

Wheelchair Roma Self-Propelled 46cm

from £250.00

Roma Lightweight aluminium self-propelled wheelchair.

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Items 1 to 10 of 22
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