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Economy Overchair Table

Economy Overchair Table

from £107.99

Economy Over Chair Table

Motor Riser Recliner Chair

Dual Twin Motor Riser-Recliner Chair

from £1,328.00

This riser recliner allows the user to operate the back rest and footrests independently of each other.

Two way Tilt in Space Riser Recliner Chair

Two way Tilt in Space Riser Recliner Chair

from £1,465.00

The Two way Tilt in Space Riser Recliner Chair's 2-way mechanism ensures a smooth movement going into recline and lift. The angle of the back and

Wall Hugger Single Motor Riser-Recliner Chair

Wall Hugger Single motor Riser-Recliner chair

from £1,258.00

A single motor mechanism that lifts and reclines. This mechanism only requires 4-5” of clearance behind the chair to recline.

Folding Commode/Toilet Surround

Folding Commode and Toilet Surround

from £77.46

Folding Commode with Toilet Surround is made of lightweight aluminium and can be used over a standard toilet if required.

Washable Seat Pad Pink

Washable Seat Pad

from £8.50

Absorbent Washable Seat Pad protects and keeps seating clean.

Disposable Bed Pad

Disposable Bed and Chair Pad x 35

from £9.00

 Disposable bed and chair pad offers protection for both user and furniture.

Grip-On Raiser

Langham Grip-On Raiser

from £30.00

These highly versatile raisers work with furniture which has castors or legs, using the unique "doughnut" to Grip-On to the furniture. 


Langham Adj Linked Chair Raiser

from £30.00

For raising armchairs with legs we suggest the JLP125PI chair raiser.

Leg-X Furniture Raisers

Leg-X Furniture Raisers

from £47.16

Leg-X furniture raising sleeves are made from moulded plastic and have flexible fins inside so that they will fit tightly and safely over most sh

Page size:
Items 1 to 10 of 11
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