As a leading disability charity our services are becoming increasingly important and popular to a wider range of people, not only in Hertfordshire but further afield too.

People are living longer but with significantly increased chances of developing a disability – a recent survey puts the average life expectancy in our area at 81 years - HAD must and will continue to grow.

The success and subsequent expansion of all of our services over the past three or four years has meant we have outgrown our existing premises.

Planned Ability Centre

That’s why we have an aspiration to build a £3m Ability Centre, either at our present site or nearby. This Centre of Excellence would be an environmentally friendly and sustainable building providing an assessment centre, information and advice, retail counselling, therapies, benefits advice, sensory gardens, cafe and plenty of parking. It would also give the opportunity to expand our equipment services to include a greater range and to increase the hire service.

It would be a ‘one-stop shop’, a Centre of Excellence for disablity services to the community, not only in Herts but also taking in the home counties, East Anglia and north London.

As well as being HAD’s HQ the centre could also be the base for Age Concern Hertfordshire, Herts Hearing Advisory Service and Herts Society for the Blind. It could also house an NHS wheelchair clinic and a Multiple Sclerosis Centre.