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Household Equipment at HAD

In this section we include a range of equipment to help people who have difficulty feeding themselves, drinking, preparing food and drink, carrying food and drink, using the telephone and hearing the doorbell! They are all designed to help to maintain personal independence. Some of the difficulties they may help include;

Difficulty holding cutlery due to poor grip or weakness

Our ‘good grips’ range offers a bigger comfort grip and the ability to bend them to achieve any angle that helps the user reach their mouth. Can be bought individually or as a useful set.

Difficulty holding cups or mugs due to reduced grip strength or a tendency to spill drinks

We have a variety of cups that are designed to assist with different problems. For example, bigger handles, 2 handles, non spill lids, different size apertures which moderate flow of liquid, Our nose cut out cup for example is very simple but effective answer for those who cannot tip their head back due to limited neck movements.

Difficulty feeding with the use of only one arm

The Knork (a fork with a cutting edge) may be useful or our suction egg cup. Dycem matting can stop plates moving around due its non slip properties and a plate guard or a scoop bowl can assist in getting food onto cutlery due to the raised edge it provides. For food preparation a bread board will hold a slice of bread still whilst you spread!

Difficulty using a straw to drink due to poor suction

A one way drinking straw might help.

Difficulty opening cans or jars

Many products are on the market that can help. At HAD we stock a range which might assist depending on the residual strength someone has in their hands. A simple jarkey releases the vacuum in a jar leaving the lid very loose to twist off. Alternatively the battery operated one touch jar and tin openers simply require a touch of a button once place on top of the item.

Difficulty turning keys

Key turners, increasing the grip and the leverage of yale keys can make door opening less fiddly. Key turners holding one or up to three keys is available.

Difficulty removing electric plugs from sockets

Simple plug pulls are easy to fit and provide a simple handle for easier grip and pulling.Difficulty, due to sensory problems, knowing when cups or mugs are full

Our auditory and vibrating liquid level indicator might be the answer.

Difficulty carrying items between rooms

I n this section, trolleys require a special mention. A standard trolley is not designed to help walking, it is to assist carrying. It does not have brakes and so if balance is a problem can “run away” from the user. If this is a problem, please consider a braked trolley or walking frame as an alternative.


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