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Furniture Equipment at HAD

HAD stocks a wide range of furniture and associated equipment. We do, for example, have bed backrests for people who need to sleep in an upright position or who need to sit for long periods in bed. These we believe are for comfort and have included these in our cushions range.

In the furniture section you will find our riser/recliner chairs. Most of these we are not prepared to sell online without a full assessment. We would always recommend that you try before you buy.

We stock two 'off the shelf' models. The Sienna and the Sacha. These are available from our website and their full specifications are included.

The other riser recliner chairs we offer are bespoke and tailor made to the individual and, as such, require various measurements to be taken to ensure they fit appropriately. HAD provide free seating clinics held at our premises in Welwyn Garden City and at the Social Centre for the Blind in Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead. If you are considering investing in a specialist chair we highly recommend having a professional assessment, so you know exactly what you need. 

We would recommend you consider the following before you buy your chair. We believe this helps to highlight the value of a proper assessment.

  • Is the chair the correct height for me?
  • Is the chair the right width for me?
  • Is the seat the right depth for me?
  • Is the backrest the required height for me?
  • Are the armrests high enough or too high?
  • Is the person using the chair able to manage the controls?
  • What type of internal mechanisms and features should the chair have? (dual motor, single motor, tilt-in- space, wall hugger for example)

Perching stools at HAD

We also supply perching stools. These are functional items which can be used in a variety of places but are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. They have slightly angled seats to bring the user forward into a good working position. They are height adjustable. Please make sure that the user is able to place their feet firmly on the floor when using them. They can have arms or arms and backrests or even neither of these!

Please ensure you have sufficient space in the room in which they are to be used. If there is not, you may find they just get in the way!

Tables at HAD

We also have a small number of over-bed and over-chair tables available. These can be very useful for those who need to spend extended time in their chair or bed. The table tops can be adjusted to be flat or sloped.

Bed Cradles and blanket supports at HAD

We supply two designs of bed cradle/blanket supports for those who need to keep blankets away from them when in bed. They can be very helpful but can also impede getting in and out of bed independently.

Leg rest at HAD

Leg rest can be used purely for comfort or too help reduce leg swelling. They are height adjustable. Please make sure that your knees are fully supported when raising your legs.


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