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Seating Assessment Clinic in W.G.C.

Our Occupational Therapist Jeanette McDermott hosts seating clinic appointment to help you make the right decision when considering a specialist seating solution.

A specialist chair, such as a riser recliner, can make a huge difference to your comfort and well-being, and enable you to live a more independent life. However, with hundreds of options to choose from it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. 

Our assessment service is designed to identify your individual needs, taking into consideration how these needs may alter in the future. We can then recommend a range of solutions that fulfill your needs, providing you with a personalised report so you know exactly what to look for if you choose to invest in a specialist chair in the future. 

We currently hold assessments clinics at our premises in The Woodside Centre, Welwyn Garden City. Directions can be found by clicking the links on the right of this page.

For more information or to book your assessment today, call our friendly team on 01707 384 260 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a seating assessment?

If you are spending longer sitting down in the same chair, or experiencing difficulty getting out of your chair, you may benefit from a seating assessment to discover how you can maintain your independence and comfort. 

Medical conditions such as back and joint pain, muscle discomfort, swollen feet or legs and pressure sores can all be linked with spending too long in a chair that is not suitable for you. A seating assessment will identify what features and mechanisms will help to relieve these symptoms, enabling you to spend longer periods seated without discomfort.

2. What does a seating assessment involve?

Our assessments are friendly and relaxed, so don't be nervous. As a charity, our sole interest is helping our customers, so you can rest assured that the information you are given is honest and impartial.

When you arrive for your assessment you will be greeted and made to feel comfortable with a tea or coffee.

Our Occupational Therapist will start by discussing any medical conditions you may have and any difficulties that you are having at the moment. Some medical conditions are progressive and may mean that your seating needs alter in the future, so we'll discuss this too.

Once we have identified your needs we can recommend what products are available to meet these needs. We have a full range of adjustable and static chairs for you to try at both of our assessment clinics. We'll demonstrate all of the features available and how they can increase your comfort and mobility.

We'll then take some measurements so that you know what size chair you need if you choose to buy one in the future.

You will be presented with a report at the end of your assessment that will list your individual measurements and recommendations as to which products and features will fulfill your personal requirements. You can take this report away with you if you would like some time to consider your options or look at options elsewhere.

We can also provide you with a competitive quote for the supply of a suitable product from HAD.

3. How long will an assessment take?

A seating assessment usually lasts an hour and a half, depending on your individual needs and requirements.

4. How much does an assessment cost?

Assessments from HAD are free of charge and place you under absolutely no obligation to buy from us. We provide assessments as part of our charitable activity, to make sure that our customers know exactly what products they need to fulfill their needs. 

As a self-funded charity we do however rely on donations to continue to provide our services, and any donations made are greatly appreciated.

5. What are the benefits of a made to measure chair?

Achieving a comfortable seating position that also provides effective support and pressure distribution is the result of a number of interconnected factors.

Sometimes an off the shelf chair will suit you, but we find that most of our clients would gain more benefit from a made to measure option.

A made to measure chair is built from scratch to fit you perfectly. The seat height, depth, width, armrest height and back angle are all tailored according to your dimensions. The backrest style and padding can also be customised, as well as the internal mechanisms that provide rise and recline functions. You can even choose a fabric to match your home decor from a catalogue of hundreds.

6. Can I purchase a specialist chair from HAD?

As a trusted supplier of Rise and Recline Ltd we can provide a wide range of bespoke, high quality furniture including adjustable chairs, static chairs and adjustable beds. We also have a range of 'off-the-shelf' options that may be suitable.

After your assessment we can recommend the options that best meet your needs and provide a competitive quote.

If you decide to purchase a chair from us, we will make sure that the chair will fit into its proposed location whilst maintaining full use of all the functions. We can then order your chair on the day. 

Delivery can be expected within 14 days for bespoke, handcrafted Rise and Recline furniture and within 7-10 days for off-the-shelf alternatives.

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