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Speedy clean-up for Sue

10 October 2017
Bath time is any time for Sue Raingold. Sue recently bought an Aquila bathlift from HAD's equipment centre after receiving a little help from our staff and a neighbour.

Arthritis in Sue's left knee meant bathing had become a difficult and dangerous task. But a chance chat with her next door neighbour Brian Drew came up trumps.

“We were having a normal neighbourly chat and the subject of my dodgy knee and bathing came up,” Sue said. “Brian showed me the new bath-lift he had just bought in the summer. It was an Aquila and looked fantastic.”

Sue, who lives in Rickmansworth, immediately phoned HAD and ordered the equipment from  centre manager Cherie West. The very next day HAD volunteer Derek Merritt delivered and fitted the bath-lift for Sue. 

“What a service! Both Cherie and Derek were so friendly and helpful,” Sue explained. “The bath-lift is easy to use and very comfortable. I'm hooked and sometimes have two baths a day!”

You sometimes wonder where Sue has the time for frequent dips in the tub. A former pianist, travel agent, Selfridges worker and Athena poster shop assistant manageress, Sue's an art and music fan.  A frequent visitor to London art galleries, she's a big fan of Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet. Of the more modern painters, she likes David Hockney the best. “I love vibrant colours and like to have lots of paintings in my flat.”

Sue is also mad on musicals, particularly Jersey Boys, the show about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. “I met Frankie at a Royal Albert Hall performance in 2015,” she recounted. Sue has also taken in All or Nothing, the musical based on the Small Faces and has met Dudley Moore in the sixties.

“Dudley took me out once in his Maserati,” Sue, who was born in East Finchley and also lived in Kenton, explained. “I remember the car had its own fridge full of Champagne!”

Sue was one of the original members of the Beatles fan club and saw them play five times. “I shook hands with all of them at a show at the Wimbledon Palais in 1963. George Harrison was my favourite.”

When not visiting various London art galleries and musical events Sue spends her spare time gardening and walking. 
THE CLEAN TEAM: Sue with next door neighbour Brian Drew