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Now David's king of the airwaves

27 September 2017

The good news story about HAD receptionist David Sims is spreading fast.  

David, who had a stroke when he was five and then received brain damage nine years' later following a heavy fall at school, passed his driving test in double quick time in August. 

Now the 31-year-old is not just king of the road but king of the airwaves too after appearing on a BBC radio show.

David, together with HAD driving assessor Sean Lawrence, was invited on Nana Akua's The Health Show on BBC Three Counties Radio on September 27 and told the presenter about his car journey to the top.

After starting lessons with the Welwyn Garden City-based charity's Driving Centre manager David Wooder and senior driving assessor Matt Miller in October 2016, he passed his test with flying colours just 10 months later.

David, 31, explained to Nana that he had a stroke when he was five and nine years' later received brain damage after a heavy fall at school. 

Most of David's right side is parlaysed but his left side is good and strong and in a specially adapted car with a Lodgesons lollipop to help him steer and a panel of remote control switches, operated by his left hand, he's proved to be a great driver. 

So good in fact, that when he took his test in St Albans in August, he passed with just two minor faults.

David explained to Nana that he thought the test went well but he was still nervous about the result: “When the lady examiner told me I had passed I was bemused and pleased at the same time.”

And David is not just a natural behind the wheel. He could have a future in broadcasting if his debut on live radio is anything to go by.

“Both Sean and myself were really relaxed and talking to Nana was just like any other conversation,” David explained. "She was such a fun person and made us feel right at home so having a microphone plonked in our faces was not a problem at all.”

HAD's driving duo spent 20 minutes chatting to Nana before taking part in a quiz on super foods. “We even managed to get all the questions right,” David added.

RADIO TIMES: David Sims (centre) and Sean Lawrence in the studio with BBC Three Counties Radio presenter Nana Akua