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HAD launch range of dementia products

10 November 2017

HAD has launched of a range of products designed to aid customers with dementia. 

Last year we held a series of training sessions for staff to help them recognise and understand the signs and symptoms of dementia. “With life expectancy rising, the risk of getting age-related conditions are on the increase," HAD's chief executive Annabelle Waterfield explained.

Local dementia consultant Helen Behrens hosted these sessions and now, with her help, HAD are stocking a number of dementia-related products at our equipment centre at the Woodside Centre.

Products include: vibrating pill box reminders, day/night clocks (pictured), night lights, eating and drinking equipment, wander reminders, talking medicine reminders and dry wipe reminder frames.

“Due to loss of memory, and other skills, people with dementia are at risk of losing their independence,” Helen Behrens explained. “Equipment and technologies can support people to live independently for longer and may reduce stress for the individual and their families. However, products need to be appropriate to the person. What suits one person may not suit another.”

If customers are in any doubt, they can consult any of HAD's trusted assessors in the equipment centre.

In addition, HAD's driving centre provides driving lessons and assessments for older and disabled people and also provides a cognitive test when appropriate.